Weight Loss Journey Part 1: The Backstory

I’ve spent a good portion of my adult life overweight. I’ve had moments where I was able to get it together enough to lose weight but as soon something changed in my life, my plan would go out the window and I would gain it back. In fact, if I were to chart out my weight fluctuations over the past 20 years, you would be inclined to believe I was designing the next thrill ride for the Disney Theme Parks. Up until 3 years ago, my weight issues were really nothing more than cosmetic inconvienences. But after some pretty significant life changes that included losing a job and moving to a different part of the state, my weight once again began to spiral out of control. This is the path I have been on ever since and for reasons unknown, this time the consequences have been significant. They have come in the form of high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, extreme fatigue, chronic heartburn and digestive issues, and pre-diabetes. Maybe it’s due to my age (I’m 39 – okay I’m actually turning 41 this year but I choose to be in denial about that). Maybe it’s the result of years of fad dieting. Whatever the reason, I know that if I have any chance of living a long, full life, I need to do something about it now.

Last summer after learninng from a colleague and friend that our insurance company will cover gastric bypass surgery (with conditions of course), I began to consider it. This was new territory for me since I had always been vocal about my oppostition to such a drastic weight loss measure. But I had also never been in such poor health due to my weight before. I researched and prayed for a few months and then in November of 2012 decided to attend a free seminar to learn more. A couple of weeks later, I met with my doctor for a consultation and with the full support of my family, made the decision that I was going to have the surgery. My insurance requires a 6 month physician-supervised nutrition and counseling period before you can have the surgery and I have currently completed 4 of the 6 months. I anticipate that my surgery will be sometime in May of this year.

Making this decision was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I know that the surgery is just one part of the solution (more on the rest of my plan to come later). I know that it will take hard work and sacrifice. I’m scared that there will be complications with the surgery. I’m scared that I will lose the weight and then gain it all back. But I also know there are risks with everything we do in life and I’m willing to take a risk if it will help me live the kind of live I so desperately want.


Welcome to my blog!

I’m happy that you’ve chosen to share in my journey. My journey – which I will be telling you more about over the next few days – will be one of weight loss, renewal, and encouragement. I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!